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Parkofon Wins Mobility Services Award at Detroit Auto Show

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Jan. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Parkofon won the PlanetM Mobility Services Award at the auto show in Detroit last week. The AutoMobili-D show, which took place from January 14 to the 18th as part of NAIAS (North American International Auto Show), featured exhibitions from over 150 companies (including universities, tech startups and governmental organizations) fueling the evolution of Michigan's automotive ecosystem.

One of only five companies to receive a category award, Parkofon is revolutionizing urban driving through its smart technology. Complementing this high-profile accolade is an introduction to an established automotive company and a full year of free office space at the PlanetM Landing Zone. This 65-desk space is subsidized by the Michigan Economic Development Corp. (MEDC) in order to foster continued innovation from Detroit's best startups.

The PlanetM Awards honor visionary leaders and groundbreaking collaborations in the state of Michigan. The awards represent a partnership between PlanetM, a Michigan Economic Development Center program which began in 2016, AutoMobili-D, and NAIAS.

PlanetM is elevating Michigan as a leader in transportation in the modern era. Judges for the awards include leading thinkers and innovators from the investment community, government, and institutions of higher education. The award ceremony on January 16 was honored and attended by public luminaries such as political heavyweight Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan.

At AutoMobili-D, a wide range of transportation companies exhibited exciting new innovations in autonomous driving, connected cars, eMobility, smart cities, and mobility services.

Parkofon, which brings "smart parking" to cities, is changing transportation by making it easy for drivers to move around the city, find open parking spaces and pay without cash. The PlanetM award recognizes what Parkofon users already know: by making it easier to find open parking, entire cities' transportation systems can be made more efficient and usable for everyone.


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